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2022 PDD Stephanie Lum and Jennifer Kumura: Lum the User Experience and Customer Journey (Olelo Cablecast 9/10/2023 - 10/1/2023)

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Olelo Cablecast
Description: Are you thinking about your customer when you develop a new product or service? Do you anticipate their needs and expectations so that you can deliver what they want before they even know it? Join us as we provide an overview of the User Experience (UX) Design process where we look at designing interactions with intention, empathy and expertise.
Additionally, look at the customer experience from different customer perspectives so the team has a shared understanding of the customer’s journey. This will help keep the team focused on customer needs so you can fill in the gaps for a seamless experience. We will share some examples and templates to get you on your way.

Learning Objectives:  | Understand and identify good user experiences, and how to design for them.  Come away with considerations for your team when planning a new product or service. Complete a customer persona and journey map in order to identify features for prioritization with your team.


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