Next Generation Leaders Lokahi Pilina

Empowering the next generation (NextGen) leaders of Hawai’i through project management

The PMI Honolulu chapter’s Academic Outreach’s College Relations program is focused on the advancement of the practice and profession of project management in the student bodies of Hawaii higher educational institutions including driving demand for undergraduate and graduate programs in project management, promoting awareness of PMI academic standards, and reinforcing the value of project management to students preparing to enter the workforce. In addition, the softer skills that make a good project manager great are emphasized, discussed and provided to group members for the purpose of not only furthering their understanding and expertise, but to foster the sharing of this knowledge among their peers and in their workplaces. 

There are two tracks within the Next Generation Leaders Lokahi Pilina (NGL-LP): Awareness and Assistance.


One of the biggest challenges is to ensure that higher education students are aware of Project Management as a profession that can be done without coming from a background of the industry in which they choose to work.

Awareness includes PMI focused events as well as participation at the various Hawai’i higher educational institution events.  Activities include but not limited to:

  • Monthly Club Topic meetings, roundtables, or virtual calls. 
  • All existing PMI Honolulu events as well as ones we create to be student-specific
  • Region 7 Next Generation Leader virtual events
  • Student outreach: *  
    • college career days
    • college, in-class, or other presentation and booth opportunities
    • participating in speaking opportunities to inform students about PM careers, PM concepts and topics, and about PMI and the college club.


Offers professional networking opportunities to project management students or students who are interested in project management. This track also supports individuals working on mock or real projects with PMI member volunteers assisting the students' learning and sharing their knowledge and expertise. Assistance programs and offerings align with other areas of PMI Honolulu (*).  Activities include but not limited to:

  • Volunteer Opportunities with PMI Events (i.e. PDD) *
  • Internship Opportunities with corporate sponsors and other organizations*
  • Networking Opportunities with Professionals and Hawai’i businesses (i.e. monthly Pau Hanas and Luncheons) *
  • Semi-annual student network event with invited PMI members and sponsors
  • Mentoring by Professionals and certified Project Managers*
  • CAPM Exam Prep *
  • Career Guidance and support
  • Student Memberships and Student Event Rates (and perhaps even sponsorships for some club members) *

Other potential services include: integration of project management into how students think about everything they do and encounter, teaching budding PMs the things you don't learn in any book or standard curriculum, support for individual career efforts within the higher education community on project management, project and program management consulting and coaching among the peer network, post-graduate alumni networking, subject matter expert presenters and speakers, internship opportunities and learning directly from the group members what today’s students are looking for, and then working with the colleges and universities locally to offer courses which fit student needs.

*These programs and services offered to NGL-LPs are supported by the following:

  • Student Outreach:  PMI HNL Marketing
  • Volunteering:  PMI HNL Special Projects
  • Internships:  PMI HNL Sponsorship
  • Networking Events:  PMI HNL Programs
  • Mentoring:  PMI HNL Mentorship
  • CAPM Exam Prep:  PMI HNL Professional Development
  • Student Membership:  PMI HNL Membership

(note – specific details on the support and program by the other areas will be planned and discussed throughout 2019).

Beyond Students

The NGL-LP provides opportunities beyond the student members and allows PMI Honolulu Members and other community partners to connect with students through various opportunities throughout the year.  Thus, together we build an evolving growth and exposure of project management, PMI, and PMI Honolulu members.

Becoming an NGL-LP

  • College student enrolled in a Hawai’i higher educational institution
  • No membership fee required
  • Student rates for PMI HNL events

NGL-LP Structure

The NGL-LP falls under College Relations, an entity part of Academic Outreach.  The NGL-LP will be lead by a PMI HNL volunteer that is in good standing with credentials.

NGL-LP Lead Role

The NGL-LP volunteer will be required to commit to a minimum of 1 School Year to ensure consistency of support.  The NGL-LP will report directly to the Director of College Relations for specific program details, events, and enhancements.  The NGL-LP and its lead will be supported by the Director of Academic Outreach for alignment of program and services, budgeting needs assessment, and cross-functional support in working with the other PMI HNL Directors and their associated programs.  Other duties include:

  • Identify, coordinate, and manage recurring events
  • Identify and lead the planning and execution of large events
  • Assist in collaboration of college student-focused collateral (i.e. flyers, brochures, guides, presentations)
  • Attend and/or encourage student attendance to Region 7 Next Generation Leaders calls or events.
  • Work with Director of Academic Outreach to maintain NGL-LP section on the PMI HNL website.
  • Note:  this role will evolve and be refined as the club is developed.  The NGL-LP will provide feedback and recommendations for the Director of College Relations and Director of Academic Outreach to help refine / evolve this role.

NGL-LP Contacts

Academic Outreach Director, Dr. Joslyn Sato, PMP 

College Relations Director, Jamie Champagne, PMP, PMI-PBA, CBAP, AAC, CBDA