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PMI Honolulu announces a new 2021 College Scholarship Program

This scholarship is open to any full-time student enrolled in any level of academic study in the state of Hawaii interested in obtaining PMI credential(s) and becoming more involved in the project management community.  While physical presence is not required, award winners will need to be able to commit at least 20 hours of time to support PMI Honolulu chapter activities and projects over the course of 2021.

Please consider the following before applying:

  • Why are you’re interested in this scholarship program
  • Your willingness and commitment to continue to volunteer with PMI Honolulu
  • Your project management goals
  • Your own capacity and interest to volunteer at least 20 hours during 2021 with the PMI Honolulu chapter
  • 2 Individuals that would recommend you for this scholarship program
  • Proof of full-time academic status

To apply click here

Should you have any questions, please contact College Relations Director Jamie Champagne,

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are only full-time students allowed to apply?

Yes, only full-time students according to their academic programs may apply.

  • Do I have to be attending school in Hawaii?

No, you do not have to be attending physically in Hawaii, but you will be expected to join the PMI Honolulu Hawaii chapter to be able to volunteer with the chapter over the course of 2021 should you be selected.

  • What if I already have a certification?  Can I still apply?

Yes, anyone full-time student who wants to continue and expand their project management careers and skills is welcome to apply!

  • Who would be good sources for recommendations?

Supervisors at work, at internships, at volunteer activities

Instructors where you did project-based work

Any current PMP certification holder in good standing.

For additional informaiton, please contact College Relations Director Jamie Champagne,

2020 Fall Virtual CAMP Exam Prep Course Completed

Author: Larry Rowland EdD. PMP Assoc. Prof. Information Systems, HPU College of Business

Date: October 31, 2020

Title: Virtual CAPM Exam Prep Course Completed

The Project Management Institute Honolulu Hawaii Chapter and the Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) College of Business co-sponsored a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam preparation workshop over a six-week period on Zoom. Darren Dent, JJ Foust, and Noel Rodriguez completed the 24-hour class on October 31, 2020. The class satisfies the 23-hour educational requirement to qualify for the CAPM exam. The class was facilitated by HPU Associate Professor Larry Rowland Ed.D. PMP with assistance by HPU graduate assistant Bryant Sanchez. Special thanks to JJ Foust for creating and maintaining a Google drive for the class, full of CAPM and PMP resources. The class used the 2nd edition of Sanghera’s “CAPM in Depth” and covered over 500-pages of material in review of PMI’s “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), 6th edition”.


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2020 Spring CAMP Exam Prep Course Completed

Author: Larry Rowland EdD. PMP Assoc. Prof. Information Systems, HPU College of Business

Date: April 15, 2020

Title: CAPM Exam Prep Course Completed

After a six-week exam preparation course on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), six Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) students and alumni met the educational qualification to take the Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM) certification exam. Two participants took the course in preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam. The course was held on Saturday mornings during the month of February at Hawaii Pacific University. The course was taught by HPU Associate Professor Larry Rowland Ed.D. PMP with the assistance of Bryant Sanchez, Graduate Assistant at HPU. The course was a fundraiser for helping send a PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter student member to a future Region 7 conference. Thanks to HPU College of Business and the PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter for support and sponsorship. Pictured left to right, Noah Unabia, Cory Walter, Austin Anderson, Titus Gordon, Paul Estioko, and Bryant Sanchez


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2019 CAMP Exam Prep Course Completed

Author: Larry Rowland EdD. PMP Assoc. Prof. Information Systems, HPU College of Business

Date: March 12, 2019

Title: CAPM Exam Prep Course Completed

Four Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) College of Business students received CAPM exam preparation certificates of completion. Nam Nguyen, Kelsey Haas, Talia Abraham (who also assisted with the course), and Aleksander Kjaerstad MBA ’18, completed the 24-hours of classroom work on March 3. The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a project management certification from the Project Management Institute. The students are now qualified and prepared to take the certification exam. The six-week exam preparation workshop was an activity of the HPU Project Management Club and was co-sponsored by the HPU College of Business and the PMI Honolulu Chapter. The workshop attracted other students and local professionals, but only Nam, Kelsey, Talia, and Aleks completed the course. The course fees were dedicated to a fundraiser sending Nam to the PMI Region 7 Student Leadership Conference in San Francisco. The course was conducted by Larry Rowland Ed.D. PMP, associate professor of Information Systems and the College Relations Director for the PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter.


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Preparing Our Next Generation Leaders

By Dr. Joslyn Sato, PMP - Director of Academic Outreach

Looking beyond our current market of professionals, we begin to make an investment and connection to our upcoming next generation workforce. As experienced project managers, we hold valuable knowledge and skills that can only be uncovered and shared through our individual and collective efforts. We all experience different project teams but often forget that they may not be as equipped about projects as we are. Thus, resulting in underlying barriers and challenges that result to surface delays and perceived performance issues.

Understanding the need to build our future to ensure prominent project managers and effective project team members, the PMI-HNL Academic Outreach and College Relations have developed a college club to engage our local next generation leaders - Next Generation Leaders Lokahi Pilina.

The Next Generation Leaders Lokahi Pilina (NGL-LP) is focused on the advancement of the practice and profession of project management in the student bodies of Hawaii higher educational institutions including driving demand for undergraduate and graduate programs in project management, promoting awareness of PMI academic standards, and reinforcing the value of project management to students preparing to enter the workforce. In addition, the softer skills that make a good project manager great are emphasized, discussed and provided to group members for not only furthering their understanding and expertise, but to foster the sharing of this knowledge among their peers and in their workplaces.

The club will provide awareness activities and assistance opportunities such as monthly club topic meetings, student outreach such as career days and guest speaking, volunteer opportunities, networking, mentoring, CAPM Exam Prep, and career guidance and support to name a few.

To lead our NGL-Lokahi Pilina, I’d like to introduce PMI Member, Christine Rose. Christine has been a member of PMI Honolulu since late 2017. Prior to that, she was a member of PMI in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We asked Christine to share with us her goals as she helps us lead this new chapter of PMI Honolulu.

"What made you want to lead the NGL-LP?"

When discussions arose regarding the academic outreach opportunities to serve, what excited me the most was helping the next generation of leaders not only realize that project management exists and is an option for them, but ensuring they learn the soft skills early on...The things that I learned the hard way, that I had no mentor for. When I was in college, I had never even heard of business analysis or project management. If I had known about them back then, I probably would’ve spent my entire career in one or both disciplines. So, the fact that I can now help the PMI HNL chapter ensure that our local higher education students are provided with opportunities I personally did not have, makes it the ideal place for me to volunteer my time.

"As the NGL-LP Lead, what do you hope to achieve?"

I hope to achieve the following three things:

One, to help students find mentorships which will become lifelong relationships that can help both the mentor and the mentee. It is a well-known fact that nearly all people who find success can attribute at least one person‘s involvement or encouragement in their lives to helping them achieve their goals.

Two, helping next generation leaders understand that it’s not all about process… That a lot of success project managers have come from their ability to communicate effectively and lead from a place of compassion.

Three, to encourage our local higher education institutions to offer project management hard and soft skill courses to our next generation leaders. Because the skills that project managers have are applicable not just in work environments, but in everyday life.

As a new club and offering through PMI Honolulu, we have several shout-outs and asks to all our PMI Honolulu members for their kokua:

  • If you graduated from any higher education institution here in the state of Hawaii, and still have contacts at those universities which you think might be useful in spreading our Pilina to students from all campuses, please reach out to
  • If you know of a college student or college contact, please have them join our club and get on our mailing list by emailing
  • If you would like to support our club as a mentor or topic speaker, please contact us at
  • To learn more about our program, visit

Through our combined efforts, we bring experience and wisdom to empower our Next Generation by creating a future where our project teams and workforce can apply project management naturally!


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