Opening Keynote Speaker 8:30-9:30AM @ MPR3

The Age of Engage: How to Create Engagement

Roger Haskett

Engagement Expert

CREATE engagement. This session walks the talk: it not only discusses engagement but also demonstrates how to create it at work and in your life. In the 90’s, engagement was a fuzzy, feel good term that really meant very little. Flash forward to 2019 and, luckily, things have changed. Engagement can be measured and the results are staggering. Data from Gallup, Harvard, 2018 Global Trends in Engagement etc, is showing us how a little focus on engagement can turbocharge bottom- line results, whether those results are increased productivity, increased profit, better communication, stronger team bonds, Discover how to be more engaging better learning and retention etc... and harness this power for improved creativity, productivity, Engagement is the secret sauce that makes your work and life magic. Participants will walk away with tangible tools that will inspire them to and bottom-line results at work and in your life.

Hi! I’m Roger Haskett. I am an award-winning keynote speaker, author of 'the me you want to be,’ and President of Engagement Unlimited. As a keynote speaker, I believe in active participation, interactive engagement and increasing the power of the people in the room. My first goal is to make my sessions lively, entertaining, and full of applicable content that energizes and empowers the people in the room. My second goal is to demonstrate how to change the engagement level of the participants so that engagement resonates throughout the rest of the conference. What this means for you is a keynote that can change the trajectory of your conference. A keynote that creates such positive engagement that the rest of your conference and the participants themselves benefit (“Engagement: the gift that keeps on giving”). I have created an innovative session format that ties stories, theory, and application together in an active team-based game that primes every participant to learn deeper and stronger, connect deeper and stronger and create more engagement in the room. Most clients place me as the opening keynote since that is where maximum value is produced.

Closing Keynote Speaker 4:30-5:30pm @ MPR1

Life is Meant to be Fun!

Jamie Champagne CBAP, PMI-PBA, PMP

Passionate Business Analysis Professional Speaker and Trainer and Surfer

Life is meant to be fun! You should be having fun when you do things! If you’re not having fun, then why even do these things? “Fun”, “Innovative”, “Creative”, “Entertaining” – these are all things we look for in our leaders, teammates and fellow collaborators, yet, rarely do we see job descriptions, duties or work place expectations ever mention these adjectives when describing the functions and approaches they expect their teams to take. So how do you build “fun” into the daily grind? How can you be innovative and lead from the middle or below? What elements can you introduce so that you and your teams look forward to the work in front of you? Or how about just a little perspective so you can feel good about yourself? Join us as Jamie Champagne takes us through a new lens of how to consider our approach to work, community, family and life. See where fun is all around us and gain the key concepts you can use to immediately find enjoyment in where the world takes you. Leaders will learn fresh perspectives to gain trust and engage their teams while future leaders and those even starting their careers can learn how their own thoughts and ideas can be brought into the workplace and applied for greatness! All attendees will be exposed to how to get comfortable with actually enjoying what you do and those you work with through the chaos of actions that swirl around us daily.

Jamie is beyond her "passionate BA" title and truly embodies business analysis and adding value to those around her everyday. An accomplished speaker and trainer, she enjoys sharing with others ways to improve their analysis skill sets, unique ways to look at the world and how to be more accomplished with measurable results. You can find her speaking around North America on topics on project management, business analysis, process improvement, change management and data governance. She is an accomplished author with published courses on LinkedIn and Pluralsight. When she's not collaborating with her business partners, you can find her collaborating with her friends and family on the Hawaiian waters on a surfboard.

Breakout Session 9:45-10:45AM @ MPR3

The Future Project Manager

Greta Blash

Certified PgMP®, PMP®, PMI-ACP®, PMI-PBA® with extensive experience as an executive and consulting IT professional, both domestically and international

PMI and the project management profession are changing, including the role of today’s project manager. This was reflected in the changes in the 6th edition of the PMBOK Guide, making the role align more with the legs of the Talent Triangle.

Greta Blash has extensive experience as an executive and consulting IT professional, both domestically and internationally. Her areas of experience include program management, project management, agile/adaptive development, business analysis, customer relationship management, and business intelligence. In addition to her PMP certification, she also holds program management (PgMP) and agile certification (PMI-ACP) and business analysis (PMI-PBA) certifications from Project Management Institute (PMI). Greta has taught project and program management, business analysis and agile foundation and certification courses worldwide for the last ten years. She has also published numerous articles and blogs on these topics, as well as a global team participant in the creation of “What’s New in PMBOK® 6th Edition – An In-Depth Comparison.” She is a frequent presenter at various PMI and IIBA meetings and conferences at the local, regional and global level. She has been recognized as a SME and reviewer of the new Business Analysis Standard and Benefits Realization Practice Guide from PMI, and also as a reviewer of the new 6th edition of PMBOK Guide, the new 4th edition of the Program Management Guide. She also teaches PMP certification prep courses for UCI and risk management courses for UCSD.

Breakout Session 9:45-10:45AM @ MPR2

Let's Avoid Stupid Questions! How to ask questions that make you look good (and get things done!)!

Jamie Champagne, CBAP, PMI-PBA, PMP

Passionate Business Analysis Professional Speaker and Trainer and Surfer

“Time is short” is an understatement! When you have a precious few seconds to understand what the other person needs (not just wants!) and must then even faster process the request and respond, any questions you ask must be on point and direct towards accomplishing the goal. When your stakeholder hands something over to you, do you hesitate to ask questions because you think it makes you look stupid? Are you really sure that you know what he or she is asking for? Have you ever thought you were doing the right thing to find out you wasted all kinds of time? Asking the right question is far better for your reputation, for your time management, and for you than asking no questions or asking the wrong question. That makes sense of course, but how do you learn to ask the right questions? In this session Jamie will walk through how to ask good questions that drive to giving you everything you need to know to quickly be effective in almost any situations. No longer do you need to leave meetings more confused than when you entered the room! Let’s eliminate the back-and-forth between a request and getting the answer from your boss! Could you imagine getting rid of half of your phone call follow-ups or a third of your email inquiries just because we changed how we asked our questions? Even better – we have more time to get things done! We’ll have some fun with real-world application and examples to help you help others! What better group than to practice with other administrative professionals so you can take these tips right back to the office and use them! Who knows, you might even try it on your friends and family?!

Jamie is beyond her "passionate BA" title and truly embodies business analysis and adding value to those around her everyday. An accomplished speaker and trainer, she enjoys sharing with others ways to improve their analysis skill sets, unique ways to look at the world and how to be more accomplished with measurable results. You can find her speaking around North America on topics on project management, business analysis, process improvement, change management and data governance. She is an accomplished author with published courses on LinkedIn and Pluralsight. When she's not collaborating with her business partners, you can find her collaborating with her friends and family on the Hawaiian waters on a surfboard.

Breakout Session 9:45-10:45AM @ MPR1

Vince Mirabelli

Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement: A Tragedy in Three Acts

Trainer, Speaker, and Author of 'The 1 Page Project'

"To be (better), or not to be (better)... Any company that wants to grow, innovate and continuously perfect their products, processes, or services needs to be engaged in consistently evaluating the way they do business. After all, we’ve seen what happens when an organization’s process falters or breaks down; a sponsor pulls out of supporting an initiative, a customer’s outrage goes viral (which is particularly relevant given the current state of the internet,) and for exchange listed companies, your market share may drop, leaving you in a precarious position with shareholders (or for public companies, you face rising administrative, reactionary costs to deal with an influx of negative sentiment). After all, a business is only as good as their projects and processes allow, which is why you must be relentless in your pursuit of ways to enhance, improve, streamline, standardize or overhaul certain parts of your projects and processes, as needed. In short, if you are a business owner or a project leader, you need to shape your work around a culture than enables continuous success. But how can you do that? Where would you even start? With Act 1, of course. Alas, In "Building a Culture of Continuous Improvement: A Tragedy in Three Acts", we'll examine some of the do's, the don'ts, and the "you did what's!" learned over the course of my career helping organizations develop cultures of continuous improvement. And because this is not just about executing projects, but about all the other "stuff" that comes along with that, you probably shouldn't expect a happy ending. I mean, there's "tragedy" in the session title, so not exactly a spoiler. Which also means it'll be brutally honest, and probably a lot of fun.

Vincent Mirabelli is a leader in the fields of Business Process Improvement, Business Analysis and Lean Six Sigma. He is a Principal at Global Project Synergy Group, a founding member of The Uncommon League, and host of the podcast, “In Process”. A highly sought after speaker and instructor, Vince’s primary focus has been to share his knowledge and experience, helping businesses develop a culture of operational excellence. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®), Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and a Trained Facilitator of LEGO(R) Serious Play (R) methods and materials.

Breakout Session 10:50-11:50AM @ MPR3

Exploring LOE: Leveraging OurEmployees Through Level of Effort

Joslyn Sato

PMI Honolulu Director; Statewide Program Manager, Blue Zones Project; HPU Adjunct Faculty

Have you ever considered the diversity of your company, your department, or your team; not only their skills or experience, but also work abilities and styles? As project managers, we often develop our schedules and tasks based off of our own experiences and expectations; or that of a subject-matter-expert. What this does is constrains our resources to meet our expectation of work production. When employees cannot meet the PM's expectations of progress and performance, they get frustrated, feel stressed, and sometimes become unmotivated. Each employee in the workplace has different abilities, which influences their task execution. Some may need time to process and work through the details, while others can jump right in. Although each employee executes differently they all end up with the same outcome within the expected duration. By leveraging Level Of Effort, project managers can better align schedule expectations with each employee's work ability that is on the project team. Thus, achieving project success while leveraging employee diversity. In this hands-on workshop, PMs will reenergize their use of LOE by looking at different benefits and approaches that can improve projects and project team effectiveness.

As our PMI Honolulu Director of Academic Outreach and Liaison to PMI Educational Foundation, Dr. Joslyn Sato, PMP, shares her passion of learning and helping others by empowering professionals and students with project management and leadership knowledge and skills in the local academic environment. Dr. Sato is a Statewide Program Manager for Blue Zones Project, an adjunct faculty at Hawaii Pacific University's CEIE, and a curriculum developer and facilitator at Leeward Community College's continuing education and workforce development program. Dr. Sato has been a regular PMI Honolulu PDD Speaker and has spoken at several local Academic Conferences where she has fun enhancing the learning experience through hands-on activities.

Breakout Session 10:50-11:50AM @ MPR2

Change My Mind: Engaging the Resister

Cori Chang & Heidi Neidhardt

OCM Lead and OCM Specialist, State of Hawaii

Are you experiencing push back or a lack of support on your project? We will discuss the nature of resistance, identify the root of resistance, how to turn opposition to engagement, and how to use tools to target your change strategy. This interactive session will help you identify resisters to change their mind and gain their buy-in.

Cori Chang has over 18 years of experience in helping organizations deploy strategy and manage change. She is currently an Organizational Change Management (OCM) Lead at Unisys, supporting the State of Hawaii Benefit Eligibility Solution Project. Prior to working at Unisys, Cori was the OCM Team Lead to support an ERP implementation at The Queen's Health Systems. Cori has also worked with Bank of Hawaii, Kaiser Permanente and Hawaii Permanente Medical Group to improve organizational effectiveness by aligning strategy with goals, developing standardized processes and facilitating cultural change. In her free time, Cori enjoys dabbling in photography, hiking, and hanging out with friends. Heidi Neidhardt is dedicated to learning and development and the creation of quality designed training materials. She has previously managed esteemed leadership development programs as a corporate trainer at Bank of Hawaii and is certified in Change Management through Prosci. Heidi is currently an Organizational Change Management Specialist at Unisys where she continues her enthusiasm as an energetic coach and facilitator. When she’s not having fun in front of the classroom she’s found on her yoga mat. Unisys is a global information technology company that builds high-performance, security-centric solutions for the most demanding businesses and governments on Earth.

Breakout Session 10:50-11:50AM @MPR1

You are Your Greatest Asset: Financial Advice for the Future

Alexander Bischoff

Senior Portfolio Advisor, Merrill Lynch

This session will focus on implementing a disciplined goals based planning process to increase the likelihood of success to optimize yourself as your greatest asset.

Alexander Bischoff was born in Arizona, grew up in Virginia, and then moved to Oahu to attend BYU-Hawaii. He has B.A. in International Cultural Studies with an emphasis in Economics. His passion for people, cultures, and language has taken him to China, Hong Kong, India, and Canada for various work and volunteering opportunities. He currently is a Senior Portfolio Advisor at Merrill Lynch in Honolulu where he helps individuals, families, and businesses to simplify financial lives, develop long and short term wealth management strategies, and navigate through changes in life and the market. Alexander loves traveling, reading, learning languages, and spending time with his wife, daughter, and son.

Breakout Session 1:00-2:00PM @ MPR3

Influencing Your Team Throughout the Project Life Cycle

Neil Ihde

Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Founder of Life IQ

Project management is essentially people management...managing people managing a project. And homo sapiens come to the table with different personalities, perspectives, and motivations. But there are proven hacks and techniques to deal with the inherent variabilities of human behavior to ensure effective lifecycle and performance management. We will walk through a case study of a masterful project manager and how he influenced peak performance throughout the project, highlighting the key motivational and informational needs at the initiation, planning, execution, and closure phases.

Breakout Session 1:00-2:00PM @ MPR2

My Journey from Waterfall Requirements to User Stories (And Acceptance Criteria)

Dylan Souza

Senior Business Analyst

As a business analysis we often work on waterfall projects eliciting and document vast amount of requirements in a Business Requirement Document. What happens when your company or project decide to go agile/scrum. In this presentation we will discuss user stories what makes a good user story, how to use user stories with the scrum team, and how to use non-user stories. Learning Objectives: 1. How to write simple user stories to explain a products need from the customers perspective 2. What non-user stories 3. Understand how and why user stories and acceptance criteria are used together

Dylan’s background in process improvement, specifically his participation on Kaizen projects at Toyota Motor Sales led to his interest in the Business Analyst profession. As an Enterprise Business Analyst at Hawaii Medical Services Association (HMSA), Dylan has had the opportunity to be involved in both waterfall and agile projects. He has led and managed the requirements process for complex initiatives and mandates; and also executed the Product Owner role for a highly visible enterprise project. Dylan also serves on the IIBA Hawaii Chapter board as the Director of Professional Development. Dylan is currently a Senior Business Analyst at Servco Pacific Inc.

Breakout Session 1:00-2:00PM @ MPR1

Planning for Emotional Intelligence

Roger Wolkoff

Motivational Speaker & Owner at All About Authenticity

Emotions get us every time. We all feel emotions. It’s what we do after we experience them that defines us. Learn how to practice strategies to better your self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management from a former project manager and expert in the field. Emotional intelligence is a critical factor to move you, your teams, and your life forward. Do you want to have a positive influence on your work and life? By paying attention to your emotional intelligence, you will see real changes in your relationships with colleagues and the people whom you serve. You will come away from this session with a variety of strategies to apply in your day-to-day life for self-enrichment. This presentation will be interactive with question/answer, activities, self-work, and idea-sharing. We will close the session by identifying one strategy you will want to put into practice immediately!

Roger is a motivational speaker who helps you tap into your strengths and potential so you can get out of your way and get more done. He speaks about the power of connecting, gratitude, and appreciation. How does he do it? Roger’s programs are high content and motivational in style and tone. He delivers stories, ideas, and keys to unlock what’s already inside you. Roger has over 20 years of expert interpersonal communication and team-building experience. Audiences rave about his two most popular keynotes You Do You: How to be Authentic in an Inauthentic World and Done Farting Around(#donefarting): Pay Attention to What Matters! His core messages center around trust, communication, and emotional intelligence. He helps leaders and high-performing teams communicate with clarity, conviction, and positive intent. He is an avid believer in Clifton’s Strength Finder and everything surrounding positivity. Roger is an expert in emotional intelligence, communication, and building positive relationships. Roger lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife Anne. He loves to travel, bike, and read science fiction. He is a big fan of baseball, pinball, and all things Tesla.

Breakout Session 2:10-3:10PM @ MPR3

Organizational Development & Change (ODC) Primer

Ken Rossi

Teacher, Counselor, Leader, Trainer, and Organizational Development and Change Consultant

This session will provide a general overview of Organizational Development and the process followed by some work with a diagnostic tool (a key part of the process), a little hands on with a change management tool/model, and a wrap up. This session will answer the following questions: • What is ODC and how does it work? • Project management and ODC • Activity – Diagnosing your organization using the congruence model • Activity – Lewin’s Force Field Analysis – Identifying the barriers and drivers for change • Activity – Transition from FFA to Lewin’s 3-Step U-M-R Model for leading change • Wrap-up and questions

Ken Rossi has over 40 years’ experience as a teacher, counselor, leader, trainer and organization development and change consultant. He received his Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California, an MS in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development and an MA in Counseling, both from Chapman University and a BGS in Psychology from Chaminade University. He is a graduate of the US Army’s Organizational Effectiveness Staff Officers Course from the OE Center and School, where he was also a member of the faculty and staff. Ken is an assistant professor and chair of the MAODC program at Hawaii Pacific University.

Breakout Session 2:10-3:10PM @ MPR2

Evolution of Business Analysis

Jared Gorai

Senior Business Analyst with more than 20 years experience in Business Management

Our business environment is changing and the skills and competencies of the business analysis professional need to change to accommodate these changes. While the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge remains our core, additional hard and soft skills are needed for the professional to evolve and expand their role while providing more leadership and successful outcomes to the organizations that we serve. Learning points: 1) Conceptualize the evolution of the business analysis profession 2) Understand the shift between operational to strategic priorities 3) Learn about the hard and soft skills required in the digital age

Jared loves being a Business Analyst and has done so in title for over 15 years with over 25 years of business and leadership experience in both the retail and energy sectors. He is a strong advocate for IIBA, having served in various capacities with the Calgary IIBA Chapter as well as chairing the Volunteer Chapter Network. He brings his passion for business analysis and experience as a Chapter Leader to the role of Director of Chapter and Membership Engagement of IIBA. He holds his Bachelor of Arts degree in French from the University of Calgary and the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) designation. He will take any chance possible to evangelize business analysis and will talk your ear off about the role and the profession should you allow him to do so.

Breakout Session 2:10-3:10PM @ MPR1

What Did Our Brains Just Say? The Neuroscience of Expert PM Conversations

Jacy Imilkowski

Certified PM, Coach, Laughter Leader, and Communication Nerd

Have you ever said something to someone that unintentionally upset, or even offended, them? Even with the best intentions, our words sometimes have unintended impacts on colleagues, teams, and even stakeholders. So, how do you recover from the disconnection and deliver value after that happens? This session provides one solution to that problem: Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ®). C-IQ is a neuroscience framework for recovering from unintentional impacts and building trust in communication. During a conversation, there’s a neurochemical cocktail that’s influencing all parties involved. These influences are unconscious, however, we can learn to recognize the signs of neurochemical impacts. That knowledge is key to building relationships with intention and having effective conversations around challenging topics. This session introduces easy-to-use tools for engaging in effective, connected conversation with clients, peers, and team members. By the end of the session participants will be able to: • Navigate difficult and crucial conversations using neuroscience • Learn three levels of conversation and how to use them for specific outcomes • Overcome blind spots that negatively impact trust • Apply neuroscience to restore positive relationships following a disconnection

Jacy Imilkowski (just think “I-milk-cows-on-skis”), PMP, CPCC, ACC, CLL is an energetic speaker, born storyteller, and self-admitted communication nerd. Specializing in resilience and the neuroscience of conversation, Jacy combines emotional intelligence and brain science to create new perspectives on how emotion impacts all parties in our business relationships. Jacy has spent 20+ years as a team leader, speaker, trainer, and coach, including 10 years with a Fortune 50 healthcare account. She's a certified project manager and coach that holds a Patient Experience Leadership Certificate from the Beryl Institute. Industry experience includes IT and change project management, customer service contact center leadership and training, custom medical provider training, and high-dollar medical claim resolution. Jacy is also an adjunct instructor on communication and leadership for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Madison Area Technical College. Recognized as one of 2018's 40 Under 40 young professionals in Madison, WI, Jacy truly lives her values of building personal and professional communities. When not working she enjoys volunteering as a Speakers Academy Dean for the National Speakers Association-Wisconsin chapter and a foster home for Greyhound Pets of America. She loves her dog, and probably loves your dog too.

Breakout Session 3:20-4:20PM @ MPR3

One-Page Project Management

Christine Rose, MPM

Mentor, Trainer, Project Manager, Author, and Business Owner, Ko'olau Rose Business Training and Consulting LLC

Once they know and understand all the details of project management, many Project Managers find themselves overwhelmed by the daunting task of applying every single process and template to projects that may not warrant such in-depth efforts, for a variety of reasons. There is a way to scale the PM process up or down depending on your company's needs, which I have dubbed OP2M...One Page Project Management. Learn the 7 steps it takes to get to OP2M, starting with this: the answer to just about everything is REQUIREMENTS.

Christine P. Rose MPM has been performing business analyst functions and managing projects, programs and portfolios in one form or another since the early 2000s. She has a Master of Science degree in Project Management from Colorado Technical University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Long Island University and has frequently founded and enhanced Project Management Offices, PMO governance processes and templates since 2009. When not actively mentoring, training, speaking or managing projects as an independent consultant and business owner, this mother of two and author of several book series enjoys reading, writing, watching movies and playing Angry Birds 2!

Breakout Session 3:20-4:20PM @ MPR2

Requirements Traceability

Craig Richer, CBAP

Business / Systems Analyst

In this presentation I will discuss what requirements traceability is and how it can deliver value to your organization. Whether you are a project manager, business analyst, or operation support staff, understanding where your requirements come from and how they are related together will help deliver project success.

I am a Senior Business Analyst with over 15 years experience consulting on Canadian Health Care systems. I have been living in Hawaii for close to three years and I am currently serving on the IIBA Hawaii Chapter as their director of finance. My passions besides business analysis include hiking, traveling, and being a dad to my seven-year-old daughter.

Breakout Session 3:20-4:20PM @ MPR1

Modern Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

David Gonzales

Cloud Technical Expert

This workshop introduces you to Teams, the hub for various projects and teamwork. Teams is a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and use business apps.

David has been a member of the Microsoft Store Ala Moana team for almost five years now. From being in sales to services, David is able to focus on helping organizations shift to a modern desktop with Microsoft 365. David loves automating processes and streamlining workflows with the great technologies we now have access to from Microsoft.