Frequently asked questions. 

We try to cover everything we get asked, but if there is something you want to know, but you can't find it here, email and we'll try to add it here, or answer you directly via email.
How can I get my PDUs reported?

If you are a PMI Hawaii chapter member at the time you registered for PDD, and your attendance was recorded by badge scanning at the session, then your chapter will automatically report your PDUs for you!

What if I'm not a PMI Hawaii chapter member?

Then you can self-report PDUs just as you would for any other event. Look for the PDU Claim Code matrix in Whova or you may manually enter PDUs as usual.

When can I expect my PDUs to be reported?

PDU upload has been completed! Whova provided the attendance data ahead of schedule enabling us to submit PDUs for PMI Hawaii Chapter members! The batches were uploaded on 4/11/2024 9pm. It should clear through the system and show up on your myPMI accounts in a few days. You will receive an email from PMI notifying you of your PDU claims.  

What if I'm a PMI Hawaii chapter member and I've waited long enough but my PDUs were not reported?

Despite doing our best to scan badges at each session, some people may get missed. If you feel you're missing out on a PDU for a session you attended, you may self-report using the PDU Claim Code matrix in the Documents section of Whova.  Or, you can manually enter PDUs as usual.

How do I self-report PDUs?

Method 1: Get the PDU claim code matrix . Go to, login, select the the PDU claim code, follow the prompts.

Method 2: Go to, login, select Course or Training and fill out the form.