Engaging Virtual Luncheon | Unlock the Power of Agile Transformation! | Brad Foster & Dhaval Panchal (Agile PDU)


PMI Hawaii Chapter Meeting 

Title:  Unlock the Power of Agile Transformation!


Bradley Foster | Innovative Agile Leader | Driving Success of Scalable and Secure Applications | Cross-Cultural Teams | Focus on Customer Success, Innovation, Sustainability, Integrity | Ex-Boeing | Ex-TCS


Dhaval Panchal | Founder of Evolve Agility | An experienced executive, Organization Design consultant, and Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coach and Trainer (CEC, CTC, and CST)


Date:  Thursday, September 21, 2023 | 12:00 Noon - 1:00pm Hawaii Time

Topic Description: Join us for an illuminating Lunch and Learn session with Brad Foster (Worth Agility) and Dhaval Panchal (Evolve Agility), taking the pulse of Agile. Explore "Evolving Agile: Navigating Certifications, Perspectives, and Future Possibilities". Discover how Agile's principles wield transformative influence over roles like Project Managers, Product Managers, and Business Analysts. Gain unique insights into Agile's origins, its broad cross-industry impact, and its distinct reception in the alluring backdrop of Hawaii. We will transcend certifications, promoting Agile as a powerful mindset. Discover how adaptability and cross-functional collaboration can accelerate your professional journey. Plunge into Artificial Intelligence (AI) revealing how AI-driven insights align seamlessly with Agile's data-powered principles gleaning insights from cutting-edge organizations and industry thought leaders. Elevate your professional journey with transformative takeaways. Register now to unlock exclusive details and giveaways, including "Success Accelerators." Join us for this fast-paced and insightful tour of Agile today.

Learning Objectives: This event has the following learning objectives:

  • Amplify Your Agile Mindset Become an Agile Champion by showing the value of adaptability, cross-functional collaboration, and servant leadership; empower your project management skills.
  • Ignite Innovation with AI Discover AI-driven insights, redefining your decision-making prowess as a Project Professional, infusing data-driven strategies and innovation within your projects.
  • Draw from Agile Pioneers Immerse yourself in the wisdom of trailblazing entities like Spotify, Etsy, and Netflix have propelled these organizations in dynamic domains.
  • Navigate Agile Realms Grasp the dynamics of Agile across diverse sectors, including Hawaii's unique vantage point. Become a more adaptable Project Professional by dissecting Agile within broader contexts.

Join this brief yet insightful Lunch and Learn. Equip yourself with invaluable takeaways that will redefine your project management approach and expertise.

Speakers' Bios

Meet Brad Foster, a passionate Agile leader known for expertise in Product Ownership, Scrum Mastery, Coaching, Facilitation, Agile Project Management. Brad has steered cross-functional teams across diverse industries, from aerospace and banking to biopharmaceuticals, education, healthcare, and government sectors. Marked by a commitment to Agile values, entailing servant leadership, adaptive planning, and value-driven delivery principles while seamlessly applied to various industries, promoting team growth, enhancing communication efficiency, and augmenting product value.

Contact Brad:

LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradleykfoster/  Email. Brad@worthagility.com 

Meet Dhaval Panchal, Founder of Evolve Agility. An experienced executive, Organization Design consultant, and Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Coach and Trainer (CEC, CTC, and CST), since 2008. He has been practicing agile since 2003 and helped build multiple agile organizations from the ground up. He has led large-scale transformations at Fortune 500 companies, and mid-size Product Companies. Dhaval has first-hand experience with transformation challenges in Oil & Gas, Banking, Insurance, Gaming, and Medical domains.

Contact Dhaval:

LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/dhavalpanchal/  

Web: https://www.evolveagility.com/  

Email. dhaval.panchal@evolveagility.com 

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Join the PMI chapter lunch and learn, where we'll unpack the transformative potential of Agile methodologies, discussing Hawaii's unique Agile landscape and the captivating journey beyond certifications. It's a session you wouldn't want to miss!

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Type of category: General Membership Meeting

Type of activity: Agile

Date: September 21st, 2023

Hour: 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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