Multi-Chapter Webinar: Break Down Barriers to Better Connections at Work with Vidya Raman

Power Skills

PMI Multi-Chapter Webinar 

Title: Break Down Barriers to Better Connections at Work with Vidya Raman

Host Chapter: PMI Central Illinois

Date:  Tuesday, February 20, 2024 | 8:00AM - 9:00AM Hawaii Time

PDU: 1.0 Power Skills PDU

According to PMI’s 2023 Pulse of the Profession Report, communication, problem-solving, collaborative leadership, and strategic thinking top the charts when it comes to the Power Skills most responsible for project success. The statistics transcend geographical regions, industries, experience levels, and project methodology approaches. Join us in this first 2024 Lunch & Learn event featuring special guest speaker, Vidya Raman.

Effective workplace conversations are a crucial part of a successful and friendly work environment. When people make an effort to connect with their co-workers, they build stronger relationships, have fewer disagreements, and get more work done. For project professionals, being skilled in communication is a game-changer. It helps you express your ideas convincingly, gain your team's support, and attract followers. Success in connecting with others is when team members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and go above and beyond to complete tasks. In simpler terms, great conversations at work lead to a happier and more successful team. Vidya will use stories, analogies, and metaphors to demonstrate effective connection strategies that enhance collaboration.
Learning Objectives: In this webinar participants will learn:
  • Put more energy, intention, and thought into connecting and communicating well with others.
  • Discover an approach to finding common ground for effective win-win partnerships.
  • Learn to see the value in people and become more empathetic.

Speaker: Vidya Raman


Vidya Raman is an award-winning speaker, certified coach, and author. She has over 25 years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies in various capacities, including senior leadership. Her experience and insights have helped her cultivate a teachable strategy that she uses to inspire, educate, and empower her audiences. Her book LUCKY YOU: An Insider’s Guide to Achieving Success and Finding Fulfillment in the Corporate World shares a practical and actionable framework to equip employees at all levels to find more joy, meaning, and success at work. It achieved #1 New Release status on Amazon soon after its release in May 2023. Vidya’s Book is an insightful and practical “how-to” book to help you achieve success and find fulfillment at work and is available at    


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PMI Talent Triangle: This webinar qualifies for 1.0 Power Skills PDU to be reported by PMIHI for attending chapter members (no self-reporting needed).

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What is a Multi-Chapter Meeting? 

This is a new program in collaboration with PMI-LA and other chapters to pool resources and share the burden of putting on virtual PDU webinars. As of this writing, PMI-HI plans to add this to our existing programing, not replace our usual luncheon event.  For more about Multi-Chapter Meetings/Webinars, click the read more.



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It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of category: Webinar

Type of activity: Power Skills

Date: February 20th, 2024

Hour: 8:00AM to 9:00AM

Number of PDUs: 1


Students: $5.00

Members: $5.00

Non members: $10.00