Multi-Chapter Webinar: "Agile Around Us" with Phillip Marshall, PMP - CANCELLED!

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Topic: MULTI-CHAPTER WEBINAR: "Agile Around Us with Mr. Phillip Marshall, PMP

Time: UPDATED May 16, 2024 7:00am-8:00am Hawaii Time

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Host Chapter: PMI-CIC

Session Description:
According to PR Newswire, live events refer to real-time activities experienced by a group of audience or participants in a particular moment. Rapid technological advancement has made it easier to organize events smoothly. With a market size of $652.6B in 2022 that’s projected to grow to $1.2 Trillion by 2032, the growth of this industry is mainly driven by increasing demands for corporate meetings, inductions, conferences, exhibitions, music concerts, and sporting events. In an article by Zoho, one of the exhibitors at the 2023 PMI Global, the agile methodology is beneficial to event organizers because it allows for better transparency, flexibility, and learning.

The year was 2007, and the location was Miami Gardens Florida for the Super Bowl. Prince was scheduled to play and it was the day of the game. We spent three weeks creating the show, the stage, the lights, the audio equipment, and the video, including the cameras. Three weeks of rehearsing every step, creating every move, coordinating with one another to perform a miracle of bringing everything out on a field in ten minutes and everything off in five. It was the day of the game, and there was a literal monsoon. The first call was to cancel the show and just play something we had pre-recorded a couple of days before. The teams met together though, and every single one of us, (I was in charged of all the camera placements…18 of them with a crew of 50), decided we were going to do the show. It took us all day to change our plans and develop ways of getting everything out and staying safe at the same time. Because we had a commitment to one another, that night Prince played Purple Rain, in rain we made purple through our lights. It was the best show I was ever associated with. It is that exact same commitment that allows Scrum Teams to create things greater than the sum of the parts of their teams.

In this special Lunch and Learn event, Phillip Marshall, PMP, will share his experience working as Technical Director for the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Prince and various anecdotes from his Live Events experience, which includes 5 Super Bowls and shows such as America's Got Talent.

Learning Objectives:
  • Meeting participants will get an understanding of the practicality of agile in non-traditional settings.

Speaker: Phillip Marshall

Phillip Marshall has worn many hats such as Technical Director of Live Events, Agile Leader, Coach, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Mentor and motivator. He has led teams and produced shows seen by over 1 billion people. He has ferociously led Agile transformations in the least likely of places. Phil carries a passion for creative endeavors and encourages others in the same.


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Date: May 16th, 2024

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